Delivery within Mexico, Germany & Malaysia.

Handmade unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery - made with delicate flowers & precious gemstones. 

About Us.

OUR PURPOSE. Our jewellery are beautiful "time capsules" - tiny pieces of art that shall give women love & confidence and serve as a daily reminder of the natural beauty of the world we live in.

OUR BRAND. We are a sustainable nature jewellery brand. We create handmade unique, one-of-a kind jewellery for you - made with delicate dried flowers & precious gemstones.

OUR UNIQUENESS. All pieces are unique, made from blooms or leaves unique as you - you won't see anyone else wearing the same. 

OUR QUALITY. All flowers & leaves are hand-picked, hand-dried and carefully selected and processed to jewellery. Aside that, we also use precious natural gemstones and combine its healing properties with stylish jewellery. We only use quality, non-tarnish material such as stainless steel or 18K plated gold. 

Our Story.

Steffi Neff

Founder - Designer - Producer

My name is Steffi, I am German and living in Mexico. 

I founded TimeCapsule in 2022, when I was living in Malaysia. I got inspired by the beautiful tropical nature. I design & handcraft your beautiful and one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces made from real flowers in my tiny atelier - putting my whole heart in it.